Obscured location & County lines

Most of my observations are made in my own yard, which I’ve pinned & obscured for privacy reasons.
I live near a county line, and about 1/3 of the observations “appear” on the map as in an adjoining county.
I belong to a county-based project. Will my observations appear in the county of my actual location? Or in both counties as shown in their obscured locations?


Under the location of your observation you should see a link “Details”. I only recently discovered that this shows all the Places the observation is in, and you can click on those Places to see all the observations there. That may help.
But if an observation is obscured, rather than just given a wide accuracy circle, I dont think it appears in any Project…and probably not in any Place, so the Places it is in may not appear in the Details. I have never checked that out, I must do so.


I think that obscured Observations are only included in Places which encompass the entire obscuration area.


If I recall right, I believe an exception is made for “standard” places (Continents, Countries, State equivalents, County equivalents), and observations are always indexed in the standard places containing their true coordinates, regardless of obscuration. Happy to be corrected if wrong though…

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Correct, standard places are an exception, see here


Thank you, everyone for your prompt replies.

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