Obscured Observation: Different for Similar Places

I’ve searched for a thread on this topic but I couldn’t find one.

There are two places. One I created yesterday called ‘New York County (2020)’ and the original one called ‘New York County’. The links should show Harvester sightings for both. One for the original and none for the new place.

I created the (2020) version to exclude the low water mark along the west edge of Long Island which places Brooklyn Bridge Park in the original ‘New York County’ location.

This observation for a Harvester butterfly, which is obscured, is showing up in the original but not the one I created.

Can anyone see why this is happening?

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this issue.

If the obscuration area crosses the bounding box of a community-curated/created place, it is excluded from search results for that place.

place_id 1264 is a “standard place”, so it’s an exception to the rule as mentioned here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#placeindex

I had a feeling this had something to do with a user created place versus one of the standard locations.

Question: Why are some observations obscured and others aren’t? Here are 3 Harvester butterfly observations in New York City. Only one of the three are obscured.

Thanks again.

If you click “Details” under the map, you can see if the user manually obscured the observation or if the species is set to automatically obscure:


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Excellent! I never realized there was so much when you click on ‘Details’.

I’ll contact the observer … thanks again!

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