Observation field search question

I imagine this will have an obvious answer, so I apologize for that.

Is there a way to search for a observation that contains a certain text string without having to match what’s in the observation field exactly? And an example because that was probably confusing


So this link pulls up the record associated with that voucher number - and if I want to search a different, specific voucher number, I’d just replace the number. Easy right? But what if I have one record associated with two separate voucher numbers - is there a way I could put both numbers in one field and still be able to pull it up by using just one or the other #?

If that doesn’t make sense, I’ll clarify, hopefully I’ve explained well enough.

I understand your question but I don’t know if the API can do a CONTAINS search rather than an EQUALS one. If you can type in whatever you want for the field, the system probably considers commas and similar characters to just be part of the text, rather than separating different pieces of information.

I am curious about your specific example…how would you wind up with a single organism record having multiple voucher numbers? Are you splitting mushrooms into pieces and giving them to multiple collections or something?

We have some specimans we’re resequencing because the sequence failed the first time. Its less of a voucher number and more of a lab code, honestly - and just the way the lab codes are being generated means that reruns get new codes.

Its not like, going to make or break anything - i was just hoping there was a ‘contains’ search function i was missing

That said, that does answer my question, so thanks!

Ah, makes sense! Glad I could help :D

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