Observation not visible when filtered to the species

I “think” that this is a bug but didn’t want to submit as one in case it’s user error or something although I did have someone else test it. When I filter to copperheads in Florida
this observation
is not visible.

it’s not mappable for whatever reason (you can see mappable = false here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/82791414.json), but it shows up in the non-map views from the Explore page:


It’s accuracy is larger than the obscuration bounding box, so it may be that the original observation accuracy was quite high (as in, inaccurate), but then it was auto obscured because of conservation status.

Come to think of it, that scenario (high accuracy observations being obscured) is actually a bit confusing and could lead to confusion (the bounding box will actually give the impression that that observation is more accurate than it actually is), so maybe that’s why it isn’t mappable? But I can’t think of how else one would treat these observations that’s better. @jwidness might know something about this.

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Yeah, that’s basically the whole story, except that it would be unmappable even if it weren’t obscured because the user-entered accuracy is too large.

See related bug report: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/obscuring-rectangle-on-obs-with-large-accuracy-circles-may-not-encompass-true-location/703


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