Apperance on the map?

Hi there,
I’m not sure it’s a bug, maybe I only didn’t understand something yet. Anyway, most of my observations appear quickly on the map, i.e.
Still, some don’t, like all my Tunesia observations and others. Some of them are old scanned slides without helpful metadata, but other scanned slides are marked on the map. What’s the problem? Thanks!

welcome to the forum. what you’re describing does not appear to be a bug.

explanation of situation:

your problem observations:


Yes, welcome to the forum!

Just one thought to add - it’s totally ok if some of your observations have a high accuracy value (ie, don’t have a very precise location). This is definitely the case for many people’s older observations. If you are sure that you can narrow down the location (ie, be more precise), you can edit the location and/or reduce the size of the accuracy circle, but users should only do this when they are certain the observation was made somewhere in the circle.


Thanks! That was it!