Observation of tick found pressed in a book

This morning while reading one of my books, I found a very flat, very dead Ixodes scapularis - Eastern Black-legged Tick.

Should this be marked as captive? Or as not recent evidence (which I think is meant for fossils)?

I feel like it should be casual.

I’d be inclined to make this wild, presumably the tick got in there under it’s own power, unless you suspect he was captured and pressed like a flower. I would count this the same way I’d count finding anything else found dead, or anything accidentally transported.


I agree. Wild and recent. Mark as ‘dead’ in the annotations is all that’s needed I think.


Thirding. Unless someone put the tick there, I’m assuming it should be marked wild.


Agree with all above. And mark the location as where you were when you found it, not where you think the tick entered the book.


Thanks everyone!

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Yeah, seems like this would follow the same rules as things you find dead on windowsills, etc. - wild, dead, but still valid.

Unlike flower pressing, I don’t think tick pressing will catch on as a hobby.


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