Observation showing at species level, but has no species-level IDs applied

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The highest-level ID on this observation is Genus Marah, but the observation is nonetheless at Species level, Marah macrocarpa. Where is the species ID coming from?

Checked and unchecked “No, it’s as good as it can be” and a hidden ID popped up from @pandbmom

This still doesn’t make sense to me.

On the right it shows 3 of 3 IDs for Marah. But there are only 2 IDs that can be counted towards the genus.

There are three cumulative IDs that don’t conflict, and the community taxon is at the genus level, but there are not three IDs of the genus. It’s a little confusing but it’s not technically wrong.


It sounds like there’s nothing wrong with the Community ID, but the hidden ID might be a bug. Or just a one-time glitch that’s not systemic. WE can take a look but unless there’s a pattern it might not be diagnosable.