Genus has no species, previously did

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Description of problem Genus previously had species, now doesn’t, with no recorded taxon changes.

EDIT: The following is erroneous, was pointed out down-thread.

Further, the tribe level says the genus has 76 observations:
but the genus page says zero:

I’m gonna add species found in GBIF, if you witnessed species before it’s weird they’re gone, all observations are at genus level so no species were added as id yet, (plus it seems there’re quite a few undescribed species, maybe that’s why?).

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Is this still an issue? This is what I see.

Check to see if you have a place filter set - it’s depicted in the top right of Thomas’s screenshot.

No, this genus had no species under it in iNat taxonomy, but it does look to me as there was no id of a species done before.

I’m referring to their screenshot showing 0 observations.

Ah, yes, it may be it!

Yes, you are correct: that’s me being daft. Thank you for correcting me on that bit!

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Yeah, @fffffffff fixed it now!

Not daft! I think that filter needs to be more prominent :)