Observations based on locations found in official materials


I’m quite new to iNat, and I think I need some advice :)

I’ve found some official papers about lichens with exact locations listed.
There are some more materials, I’ve found two more, but in Polish.

I’d like to go there and take pictures. Would these pictures be proper observation which I could upload to iNat? I’d like to add a note, that the observation was made in accordance with this paper.

Sure, as long as you are the one taking the photos, you can upload whatever you’d like regardless of where you heard about it.


Absolutely OK! I often use herbarium records to find a good place to hunt for a species. It’s even OK to use someone else’s iNaturalist observation this way. It doesn’t matter how you found the item. I like your idea of referencing the paper in the description. That makes it more informative.


Thank you very much! I imagine that observing the same species some time later (in this case 2-3 years) would be helpful to watch how the tiny lichens survive in the urban and suburban enviroment.

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