Observations not showing up in my project?

Many of my sightings for my own property are not showing up in my project.

I noticed one today and after looking into it, I thought it may be due to the species being listed as endangered. However, I then went and checked some other endangered species and while some of those show in my project, others don’t. For example I have Koala sightings that show as being in the project and others that don’t, despite them being well within the boundaries of the map.

The sighting I’m trying to have show in my project today is this one:


I’ve tried moving the sighting on the map just to test it but no matter where I place it, it doesn’t show up in the project.

I’ve worked out what is causing it. The original map I made wasn’t accurate so i created a new map. All of my sightings for the property show both maps when you click on ‘details’ but if they have the first map at the top, those sightings won’t add to the project. If the second map is on top of the list, those sightings do show. The majority of my sightings have the second map at the top of the list.

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Can you please include URLs here, of the projects and of an observation or two?

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I had included one but here it is again, along with a second sighting of the same species:


And here is the link to my project:


The two sightings (along with others) would have the original map listed before the new map and do not show in my project however, if the sightings were added automatically to the project, the second and correct map is listed first.

I hoped that by merging the maps I may then include all those sighting which hadn’t automatically been included however I’ve found the only way to fix the problem is to delete the original sighting and add it again.

It would only let me add 2 links and now won’t let me add any more in separate posts.

Sorry about that, there’s an issue with the spam-detector here not ignoring multiple links to inaturalist.org. Hopefully will be fixed soon.

As far as why https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/38946652 doesn’t show up in your project, it’s because that species is set to automatically obscure, so it intentionally won’t appear in small places in order to prevent users from narrowing down the location. If you click “Details” under the map, you can see more information:

Here’s a longer response as to why an observation like this doesn’t appear in the project: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#placeindex

@bouteloua , I had wondered if that might be the case and had mentioned something along those lines so thank you so much for the confirmation!