Observations not uploading despite multiple attempts

I’m on Firefox macOS 10.14.6, and the add observations page has been frozen during the uploading process for me. I attempted uploading one individual photo, and it did successfully upload. Although attempting to upload a set of observations results in the uploading ticker not increasing. I have reloaded and attempted to upload the photos numerous times, however all attempts failed. I’ve waited about 30-40 minutes now, far longer than it normally takes to upload.
None of the observations I’m attempting to upload have appeared on my page as of yet.
See the screenshot below. Accidentally posted this in the wrong category previously, sorry about that.

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if you still have the page up, you probably should open your browser’s developer tools and record any error messages you see in the console. that will probably make troubleshooting much easier.


I actually just tried again a few moments ago, and all observations uploaded. Probably was just a temporary issue.