Problem when uploading observations

I am having an issue when I try to upload observations. I get a “request failed: internal server error (500)”. In particular it seems to be the photos that won’t upload, as I can see that curators have added some of my observations to applicable projects but they register as casual because the images haven’t uploaded.
This just started for me around 4:00 pm Eastern time. I have been uploading observations with photos earlier today with no problems.


Same problem here, uploaded successfully this morning but when I got back from the field trip, I could not upload (error 500). On the phone app it looks like nothing uploaded, but on the website it looks like records without observations were created. Just wanted you to know you’re not the only one!

Yeah, me too. I imagine this is a general problem, or at least affecting multiple people. Hopefully will be fixed soon! Are you using the app? I’m on the iOS one.

The site appears to have had or be having issues with writing to the database across multiple areas today. Hopefully someone from the site will post an update along with any guidance as to how anything you tried to do will be impacted.

This was likely caused by a code change released today around 3:00pm EDT. I think I’ve just deployed a fix for this problem, so it would be great if people affected by this could try again. This would likely only affect users of the iOS app, and would likely cause the observations to be uploaded without photos and then get stalled. Hopefully now the photos will go through and the observations will appear as uploaded in the iOS app.

Please report back if you were hit by this bug. I’m especially interested to know if photos are uploading again, and if they go into your existing observations without creating duplicate versions of the empty observations. Thanks, and apologies for the bug!


I believe it is fixed; just tried uploading one of the observations again and no error that I can see. Thanks!

my observations are uploading now. I’m not sure if duplicates are being or created or not.

Seems to be working without duplicating any upload that was attempted earlier in the day. Thanks