Observations with "not wild" vote still are shown in id tab

I see it pretty often, the author voted for “not wild”, but the observation still has “needs id” status and appears in id tab. As it usually happens with such situations my vote works well, but it would be better if the first one did too.

Plus sometimes this vote for me disappears to come back again.
Google Chrome, Windows 10.

Can you provide links to some examples please?

I don’t have any examples on hand, but I’ve recently encountered the same issue, where the observer marked ‘not wild’ themselves but the observation hadn’t moved to casual

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Can’t find right now, it seems I voted for all that were there, but as soon as new appear I’ll post them.


I’ve seen this happen before with new users. I’m not sure if iNat has certain protocols where it doesn’t trust the votes of new users. But it seems to fix itself after a while.

I don’t think it’s that smart :) probably an indexing error? Some specific examples and ways to replicate the error are probably necessary to troubleshoot.


Sometimes the “not wild” vote is slow to register, and if you navigate the browser away too quickly, then the vote isn’t registered at all. I usually click the vote and then leave the browser tab open for a minute.