Odd tax split, no common name, no way to flag

Hi Folks,

I was trying to flag my obs, no option? So I checked obs from other users (to see if that function had been removed) and there does not seem to be any way to flag my own observations. I was out in the field and I created this obs

but I could not find the species I wanted. I’m not familiar with the nomenclature so I was looking for the common name, Western Red Bat. And since I was out there birding and doing 20 other things I did not want to babysit my mobile device but quickly hopped on the web to find my previous obs of this species

and found they have been split and the common name has been removed. Not sure what’s going on but as soon as it’s squared away I will fix my observation from today.

Absolutely no idea on how to proceed. Sorry. (shrug)


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You can flag your own observations when on desktop. Once on the observation in question, scroll right to the bottom and you’ll see this under the DQA:

Click the blue hyperlinked text, and you can both create a flag as well as change what the reason is (in this, would be from ‘inappropriate’ to ‘other’)

Looking at the two species, they’re both atlased; yours should be Lasiurus frantzii

I have no comment on why the common name was dropped as I have no knowledge of this group

I’ve added the common names “Western red bat” for Lasiurus frantzii and “Southern red bat” for Lasiurus blossevillii, respectively. Common names can be added in the Taxonomy tab on the Species page.


@pttrsn thanks… as in, anyone can add a common name?? That would explain sooooooo much haha! Thanks to both of you!


Yes, any user can add a common name.

Any user can add a common name, but iNaturalist asks people please to refrain from making up new common names. Please stick to names that have some acknowledged common use or an authority that many people can consult, like a field guide. Although in a case like this, the adjectives Southern and Western aren’t likely to cause problems.


Just to clarify, I found those common names in use some other places. But this is a good note! :+1:


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