Can you sort species/obs tab by "not identified to species"?

I was in a project and clicking observations it gives the observations listed by time observed, and clicking species gives the list of species identified. Is there a way to isolate the observations not identified to the species level so you can put names on the taxa that are at the genus level or above? For example if I have all the noctuid moths for that project, can I filter out all the taxa that are IDed to species and leave only the ones that have more broad (genus and above) IDs that can be improved upon? I ask because it’s kind of tedious to keep having to scroll down and find these, especially if you have thousands of observations on many pages.

On the “Filters” look for the “Rank Low” box and select ‘Genus’ or “Tribe” etc from the drop down list.

Thank you! That helps a lot!

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