Old Naturewatch NZ observations not converting correctly

Hi. Tried to email help@inaturalist.nz but I can’t seem to send to that address, so hoping that if I post here it will get to the right eyes:

I downloaded some 460 observations for Tyria jacobaeae in New Zealand from iNaturalist.ca, and found that many of the downloaded links in the url field pointed to naturewatch.org.nz and gave me a 404. Most of these worked correctly if I just replaced naturewatch.org.nz in the url with inaturalist.nz.

However in the following links:


if I did the same replacement, I got these links, which point to other species in other locations, not NZ:


Using the id fields in the download, it looks like these are the corresponding correct links:


Using the website version on Chrome, Windows 11, for what it’s worth, but this doesn’t seem like a platform-dependent thing.
Hope this is useful, and thanks for all the work you do.

Thanks @alec_mcclay

First up, help@inaturalist.nz should still be working. We get emails through that most days. What happened when you tried to send to it?

More generally, what you’re seeing is an old remnant of when NZ’s old fork of the iNat code base, naturewatch.org.nz, had not yet been integrated into iNaturalist as iNaturalist NZ.

While it would be good to get these links updated in the iNaturalist data, in the meantime we do have a spreadsheet that maps the old naturewatch.org.nz observation IDs onto iNaturalist observation IDs, at http://naturewatch.org.nz/naturewatch_inat_obs_mapping.csv




Hi Jon
I think the email problem is at my end, not yours - my outgoing email server at shaw.ca wouldn’t let me send the message for some reason - it thinks I’m trying to send spam or something.Thanks for the spreadsheet, I see my examples are in there already so it looks like you are dealing with the situation!
All the best


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