iNat API not equal iNat map on website

This is a map from iNat website:

It’s iNat API:

We have the same locations but we have different results but why?

For example, iNat API has a observation but I don’t see this observation on iNat WebSite. I mean I can find the but only if I I will switch the observation to Grid of List. I mean if I press button Grid or List I will find this observation but I don’t see this observation on visual map here:

I don’t understand why I don’t see this observation on my map without press Grid or List button?

Also I see the observation from iNat APi:

But I don’t see this observation from visual map on iNat website but why? But I can find this observation on iNat WebSite if I press button Gird or List.

I can see 20 birds with iNat Api and I can see 20 birds if I press buttons Grid or List on iNatWebSite but I can see only 10 birds on visual map on iNat WebSite, but why?

I got the same 24 observations from both methods and can see 110425355 on the website:

Can you post a screenshot of your map?


I’m sorry I can not upload a picture here (I have error), but I can give you a link:

I also have 24 observations but my program works only with birds. So I have 20 birds and my program deleted 1 observation because this observation does not have id So I have 19 birds with API

Instead of posting to imgur, you can paste your image directly into the forum.

I also see 110425355 in your screenshot:


these bird observations all share the exact same coordinates:

in such cases, the Explore page map is going to show only one pin, and if you click on the pin, the details for only the latest observation (110425356) are going to be displayed in the pop-up.

there’s an existing feature request to provide some way to indicate that a single map marker represents multiple observations:


I can not paste my picture here. I pressed button Upload and I had an error. You can see my error here (screenshot): But it’s not problem for me. It’s ok for me.

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