Olympus TG-6 for botanising and occasional insects

I disagree from long experience with Sony - I have an interchangeable lens Sony mirror camera and use a mix of both Sony and Canon lenses as well as a lens from another company that only does lenses. There are a range of excellent adapters available that will fit pretty well any lens onto a Sony e-mount. never had a problem.

Not that expensive for the quality you get.

None of my universal hotshoe attachments work with Sony. Its a well known issue.

I mean Panasonic and Olympus systems you dont even need lens adaptors for their m4/3 setups because it is the same and they read each other for full functionality.

Yes there are lens adaptors for Sony to other brands but that wasnt what I was talking about. Also my work is in low light which Sonys display and viewfinders did not work in. You can read my blogpost about it that I linked.

It is also well known that Sonys “weatherproofing” is laughable. They have gotten better on the newest models but still not on par with other brands.

Sure there are folks who love Sony and swear by em and thats fine! It simply has limitations which do not work for me or most people I know doing similar work in similar fields to me.

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Reporting on my first few days with my new TG-6 :smiley: Love the size and weight. It will take me a while to get used to all the dials and buttons, coming from a DSLR I’ve been using almost exclusively for about 10 years. Quite a learning curve, but I just need some time to play with it, and study the manual, I hope.
I don’t plan on using it underwater, but I do like the waterproof and shockproof features. I’m hard on my cameras. One concern is that there is no protection for the LCD screen or the lens. They offer a lens cover but it is chronically out-of-stock where I am, apparently.
As for my photos, nothing outstanding yet, but a few quite acceptable ones using the Microscope mode.
The Maianthemum developing seedpods just look brown to the naked eye (from standing) so I was surprised by the photos.
The Jack-in-a-Pulpit is better than I have been getting with my DSLR.
I’m cautiously optimistic about the Olympus TG-6.


I carry cameras in a neoprene soda can sleeve for protection…free and perfect for the job xD it tends to fit the point and shoot size perfectly with just a bit of friction to not just fall off!

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Wow. I never even knew about the TG-6, but after reading about it’s rugged versatility and impressive features, I’m adding it to my “look for a local second-hand deal” listing. Thanks!

I have mine in hand, been playing with it some.

Anyone had any luck with it’s wireless flash trigger function? I can find very little online or in the manual about it. I have lots of external flashes that work on radio triggers and just trying to figure out if I can make it talk to each other. I also have one that fires upon seeing a flash of light (flash triggered rather than radio) but it doesn’t seem like that is synching either, and not sure why. It fires but isn’t captured in the camera.

Also not figuring out how to set the shutter speed manually. There isn’t an S mode, and P mode doesn’t let you program it like I’m used to on Pentax. Their manual has been no help here either.

I have a rigid zip-up sunglasses case which fits my TG6 perfectly.

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