On Places: allow a specific wiki link

I just created Parque Nacional Puyehue - but the Wiki page wants me to put “Puyehue National Park” if it is to link to the wiki page.
But in fact there is a place with that name on https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parque_nacional_Puyehue - but the place does not link to it …

Can this perhaps be improved. Either by allowing the link in different languages, or by allowing one to specify the link page?

I’d actually prefer if in the Places page redesign—whenever that is!—that no link to Wikipedia or any Flickr photos were displayed on the Place pages, so essentially remove the About tab. Less misleading/irrelevant information, less to curate/moderate.


Would it address that concern if we instead just de-automate that information, and make it an opt-in situation for the creator of the place (and, yes, curators too) instead? In other words, if good information exists, URLs can be added manually, but the default is just to display buttons to Link a Flickr Photo and Link a Wikipedia Article. With, maybe, ability to use URLs from other sources besides just those two?

I don’t think so; sounds like a good source for spam

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It’s unlikely that much will change with Places until/if we revamp them. I’m kind of with @bouteloua in that I wouldn’t mind seeing the About tab disappear completely, but don’t have strong feelings about it either way.

In my experience, community-added places are not always self-explanatory, and I think it would be helpful to provide a way for their creators (or curators) to add some explanation in some form. At least a free-text Description box, which I suppose would have to be accompanied by the usual flagging options for spam etc. as any other such field on the site.


One spin off for removing the About tab from places, is that instead of just posting places, I will then also create collection projects for these places, so that I can add the information (and links). And I will just link it from there. The advantage of the About pace in places is that we dont need to create projects for every nature reserve, national park and every conservation initiative because these usually have wiki pages. There is no ways that I can effectively manage 200 projects for these nature reserves, but the places page with their wiki link does a near perfect job - when it works, and requires no management. Yes one occasionally has to tweak a name for the place to comply with wiki rather than the more popular local name. But the issue is when the names are too different.
I agree that a description box, or even a journal page, would be most useful for places.


Just noticed that there is this existing feature request related to my suggestion above. Sounds like it’s not happening.

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hi everyone,

my question relates to this, i created a new iNaturalist ‘place’ for a project, so I thought it would be useful to have information in the ‘about’ tab. @bouteloua helped me with a re-direct to an existing wiki-page, but it only ‘works’ if you select the ‘Wikipedia’ or ‘start one’ links… it doesn’t display on the body of the page…any thoughts?

What’s the place’s URL?

What about only linking to Wikipedia (through Wikidata) if there’s an iNaturalist place ID on Wikidata? Still allows the user to “pick” the page, but is less unlikely to be a problem I’d expect.