State Parks nominated as "open places"

Some (maybe all) state and national parks in Brazil are classified as “open area”, not as parks as a result of a PLACE search. The ones I have checked have a Wikipedia article for them (PE Sumidouro, PE Rola Moça, Parque Nacional Cavernas do Peruaçu) but the page in Wikipedia is not shown correctly.çu

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“Park” is not an available option for place type.

Wikipedia is pulled automatically and can’t be manually fixed by curators like taxa can. If the name doesn’t match exactly, it won’t get linked. This place doesn’t have “Parque nacional” so Wikipedia doesn’t link. I don’t think that’s a bug, but it would be nice to be able to link with Wikidata. But given how many problems are with (presumably higher profile) taxon page Wikipedia links, I doubt this would get implemented.


We do have Wiki editors among the curators.
I now make my flag ‘Wiki editor please’ and they get sorted promptly.
But that is for taxon pages not places.