One account adding the same ID to an observation multiple times

It might be worth noting that when an ID is deleted, the observation is automatically un-followed and might be un-reviewed.

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Even if it is a duplicate ID and you still have another ID on the same observation? I didn’t know that.

(I am in general far too careless with marking stuff as reviewed or (un-)following observations. Sometimes I think of it, sometimes I don’t and then wonder why I have seen an observation before in the ID module… :D)

Improving your own IDs at a later date is totally fine (more than just fine, actually. It shows that, as you said, you are learning and that you put effort into your IDs which is great! :D )

I think it likely that the thing I mentioned is either down to poor connectivity or clicking agree on everything, as people here in this thread suggested.


No - you are not with me.
They said - duh - it’s A Plant.
I said - then at least make it a dicot.

And when the ID moves to useful, then, I will delete my dicot - as it is just clutter.
I will unfollow when the ID process no longer interests me.

That will, still bring you notifications (unless you unfollow). And be reviewed.

If I delete an ID, it unfollows, regardless of another ID remaining. Before I knew this, I missed a lot of updates. On the web page, the drop down might not register the unfollow it until it’s refreshed.

For unreviewing, though, when I just tried, after deleting the last of two of my IDS and refreshing, in one observation, it remained reviewed and in a another, it unreviewed. I tried multiple times in each.

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I edited the title to make the issue more clear.

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Precisely what I was thinking as I’ve been reading through this thread. We’re all here to help each other. :)