Order of IDs for an observation

I just went thru my non-lifestaged butterfly IDs and found this strange situation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/165110947

It looks as if the observer had given the species and later I had added Lepidoptera (which is impossible, since I only start from “unknown”). Why are IDs shown out of order?

If you mouseover the relative date (6mo) you can see when the ID was added. I see them both added at the same minute, so when you loaded the observation in Identify it was probabbly unknown and the observer added their ID just before you added yours, I think.


I understand, this was one of my early IDs when I didn’t know yet that I have to wait a few weeks before IDing because some observers first upload their images and then later ID the whole bunch. This probably won’t happen again since I’m still stuck IDing observations from May (and I consider moving back to April after that).


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