Plant Observation seen within Butterflies

I’m subscribed to observations of Papilionoidea, and am updated on any new observations in the website homepage.

I just noticed an observation of a plant ( within this. Just wanted to document this and let you guys know.

The issue may stem from the fact that Dryas is also a butterfly genus.

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It could be that it first was ided as butterfly but then reided? I remember a topic here how such observations still were shown.


Subscriptions use the ID and location of the observation when it’s created. I suspect the observer accidentally IDed this as the butterfly when they created the observation, then deleted their ID and added the plant ID to it. But because the observation was originally IDed as a butterfly, it showed up in your subscription.


Probably not, since there was no deleted ID…

How do you know there was no deleted id if it’s deleted? Regular users definitely can’t check that in any way.


Same in case of
soldier butterfly is often confused with soldier fly
skippers or confused with grasshoppers
Yeah and when I id pansies(butterfly) pansy flower come, so I id carefully :)


You are confusing withdrawn and deleted?

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aren’t they the same?

You can delete an ID if you select “Edit” instead of “Withdraw”.

I think this isn’t something to worry about unless we see a consistent pattern of it happening.

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I delete my ID if I clicked the wrong one.
But leave mine visible as Withdrawn, if that ID was part of the ID process.


There’s a plant genus here in Australia (sorry I can’t recall the name at the moment) that has the same name as a genus of I think an insect. I’m forever choosing the wrong one so do that same when I accidentally choose it (i.e. delete instead of withdraw). Normally if I get an ID wrong I just withdraw though to help the CV and other users. Thinking about it now though, perhaps in the plant and insect genera example where they have the same names I should withdraw but I’m not sure if that would improve or degrade the CV…

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CV doesn’t really learn anything from wihdrawing, your wrong taxon can be shown in “often confused with”, but that’s all I think.

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That’s true. I wonder if it’s worth worrying about the “often confused with” when one is a plant and one is an insect though. Possibly. I’ll probably leave them (withdrawn) in future but I’m in two minds about it; i.e. it’s not a true confusion (if that makes sense) it’s just that I select the wrong taxon from the dropdown list because the insect comes out on top. I wish I could remember the genus because I’ve done it more than once :)

Edit: Dysphania is one example I could find in my observations. It’s both a plant and a Lepidoptera genus. I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping IDs as a plant when it’s obviously not and an accident of choosing the wrong taxon in the dropdown, but happy to be corrected

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Many species where botanists and zoologists refuse to talk the same language.
Erica - we have hundreds of species in our fynbos.
But someone used Erica for a spider too.

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I’m going to close this bug report. If anyone notices a pattern of this happening, please let us know.