Organism is wild?

I am an inexperienced iNaturalist user, but an experienced arachnologist.
I posted an observation that has not yet been elevated to “Research Grade”.
One issue is that it does not fit the definition of “Organism is wild”. This was a live specimen I collected in my yard and photgraphed under a microscope, preserved.
Two questions: What does “organism is wild” mean, and how do I get other identifiers of this species/genus to validate my observation?

This record definitely does fit the definition of a wild organism per iNaturalist’s definition. It is completely ok to collect a specimen and then photograph it at home; this does not make it captive/cultivated. Just remember to set the location to where you collected it, not where you took the photo. Examples of non-wild organisms per iNat definitions are things like pot plants, council plantings, pets, zoo animals, etc. See here for more examples and definitions

If you would like to actively engage other users to help confirm your identifications (as opposed to passively waiting, your observation has only been up for one month), you can see who the top identifiers of the species are and tag a couple in the observation.


I find a list of people who are top identifiers, but I don’t see a way to tag them that is obvious, in spite of some hunting around.

In the comments of the observation type @theirusername


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