Organisms in biodiverse communtiies, specifically near the waterfront

Hello all! I am currently gathering photos for my research regarding organisms within an aquatic environment while studying how organisms can live and adapt to the environment they live in. I would love any pictures that anyone has to offer as well as any critical observations! Thank you.

Hi @emilyrez - welcome to the iNat Forum. The Explore page is a great place to look for these types of photos, for example crabs in Massachusetts:, or simply zooming around the map and looking at observations near/within waterbodies.

Or, if you have a particular species in mind, you can use the search in the top left corner and look for observations, or for photos on the the taxon page (click “About”, then “View More”).


You can also sort by photos that are free to use for certain types of projects by selecting a Creative Commons license in the search filters.


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