OS Grid Reference addition to locations in the UK

Recently, some of my observations are being put into biological records for my area. Instead of using the lat. long. system for recording location, they use OS grid references to record locations.

OS grid references do work a little differently, and I believe OS maps are exclusive to the UK, but for those who are in the UK who readily need to use OS grid references or just prefer it, this would be a great addition.

There may be a few limitations to this addition though.

  • when marking locations on the map you can set quite a large radius of accuracy which OS grid references may not be able to achieve.

  • Of course an accuracy radius may overlap multiple grid squares. In this case, my suggestion is that an average should be taken to see what square is taken up the most & that one would be chosen.

Not sure how relevant this would be to other people, but I’d be all for it, obviously!

iNaturalist as no plans to support any form of coordinates outside of lat/long in decimal degrees or support grid systems that don’t convert to exact coordinates, so I’m going to close this request. I approved it so there’s a public record of this response.

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