Overview statistics of all countries

Is it possable, or is there a project, that gives an overview of all 195 countries?
Something like an umbrella project where you can see who tops the list, and how a country compares to others with regards to observations, species, users etc.
For example the CNC umbrella project.

Once there were two world tours, but these statistics are not updated.
Would be nice if there was a world tour post with these statistics updated each month.

inaturalist-world-tour 2019

inaturalist-world-tour experiment 2017

And ofcourse every year a Year In Review:

Maybe creating a ''year in review" in advance wouldbe a good idea.
Some coding stuff https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-to-replicate-world-tour-figures/13109/5?u=optilete


I would vote for new world-tour like thing, last year data is sooo outdated.


it’s possible to pull this data via the API. however, given the number of countries, the available API endpoints, and API request limits, you’d have to purposely limit the rate at which you pull the data. roughly, 200 countries x 4 types of data (obs, species, observers, identifiers) = 800 requests. if you do 1 request per second (the recommended limit), then that’s at least 13 minutes to get the data.

it wouldn’t be difficult to make something to get the data. it just wouldn’t be a very satisfying experience to actually run the thing to pull the data.

if you want to display this on an actual map with country polygons (for choropleth or whole-country clickability), then you’d either have to have to provide your own set of country polygons, or else you’d have to get those on the fly via the API (which would be an additional burden). if you didn’t want the polygon burden but still wanted to see the data on a map, you could still display it as some sort of marker or set of markers.

and then there’s the question of stuff that’s not in a particular country…

the alternative would be to create a project for each country and then an umbrella project for all those projects. that kind of approach would probably be problematic because it would take so long to set up, and then i can envision that someone would probably want to see, say, only verifiable observations, while someone else might want to see, say, only data for the current year, etc…

if you had only a handful of countries that you wanted to get data for, then you could just query by country on the Explore screen. if you wanted to see some more complicated things like those shown in the World Tours, you could look at this discussion: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-to-replicate-world-tour-figures/13109.

if you went over to GBIF, you might be able to download all the data for the iNat dataset (https://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?dataset_key=50c9509d-22c7-4a22-a47d-8c48425ef4a7), or else you could get the 5GB file that iNat sends to GBIF (http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/gbif-observations-dwca.zip), and then you could crunch the numbers by country that way. but the limitation here is that GBIF contains only research-grade observations that have relatively unrestrictive licenses.

UPDATE: i made the following page to list countries set up in iNaturalist. it doesn’t provide stats, but you can click on the name of a country to take you directly to the Explore page, where you can get stats.

page: https://jumear.github.io/stirfry/iNat_countries.html
code: https://github.com/jumear/stirfry/blob/gh-pages/iNat_countries.html


Also looks like the world tour was never finished. Got up to 151 (Aruba) of 252, 250 with observations. https://inaturalist.github.io/internationals_all.html

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Yikes. Would take a it of time to create a project for each country (if there is not one already)
But that seems it would be the only answer now.
Something like https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biodiversity-of-southern-africa-and-surrounds would be nice to get an overall view of what is happening where.

I see the iNat list of countries is 248, yet I was under the impression there was only about 195 countries recognized.
Maybe something iNat can look at for their summary page. Just a suggestion.

Yes, there are lots of disputed countries and autonomous regions, etc., which are not official UN member states.

personally, i think this is probably the wrong approach, although it should run relatively quickly once it is set up, it would just require too much maintenance to keep it doing what it was intended to do, i think, and it’s relatively inflexible.

i’ve updated my page from before so that it can optionally pull back counts of observations, species, identifiers, and observers. as i noted before, it may take a while for the data to be retrieved, but it’s a more flexible approach than setting up a bunch of projects.

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