Page not found error on flags page

Clicking Vis alle (View All in English) under a user name on the flag page is leading to a 404 page not found error.

The link it tries to open is[]=inappropriate&flags[]=other&reason_query=&resolved=no&resolver_name=&resolver_user_id=&user_name=&utf8=✓

The link created (which works) when you use the filter tools above is✓&flagger_type=user&flagger_name=orthoptera-jp&flagger_user_id=orthoptera-jp&user_name=&user_id=&flaggable_type=Taxon&taxon_name=&taxon_id=&flags[]=inappropriate&flags[]=other&reason_query=&resolved=no&resolver_name=&resolver_user_id=&commit=Filtrér&utf8=✓&flagger_user_id=&commit=Filter


Update: fix for this was released.

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Yep, working for me!

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