Parenthesised names in Identify

Some names appear in identify with an appended name in parentheses, like here:

Where does that name come from and how do I remove it?


It’s because you’re using a non-current name / synonym. In this case, you’re attempting to ID as M. ovata when iNat uses M glomerata, so that’s how the system tells you.
At least, I think so.
The weird thing here is that M. ovata also exists. I’d look into it but I haven’t had breakfast yet >>

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Maihueniopsis ovata the name in parentheses in your example is listed as a synonym/alternate name in the names list for Maihueniopsis glomerata

It’s not listed on POWO, you’d need to ask the user who added it as to where it ts sourced from

There’s a bit of history here. At one time iNat did consider M. ovata as a synonym but some time last year, before I was a curator, I pointed out that these are distinct taxa and M. ovata was created. Now I want to remove the parenthesized name to eliminate the confusion.

@lawnranger I saw it there too but seeing as it’s struck out why does it appear. Also why don’t the others appear in parentheses.

OK, more info.
M. glomerata is listed here as a synonym of M.ovata. This probably needs deleting.

Each taxon can only have one valid scientific name. The struckout names are a way to add synonyms or names that are no longer valid so users who are familiar with the ‘old’ name can still find the taxon under the ‘new’ name.

Your search for ‘mai ovata’ does not match with the other struck out names for Maihueniopsis glomerata

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Both species are recognized by and frameworked to POWO, I see no reason not to remove the M. ovata name from M. glomerata

Okay. Having tried the other listed synonyms as ID’s I now understand. I’ll delete the name from M. glomerata.


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