Using Latin binomials instead of common names?

I’m new to using this app but not new to identifying fungi. I am starting to enter the fungi I see - but I want to use the proper Latin binomials for the project (Marys Point) and inaturalist (or another person on this app) sometimes reverts my observation to a “general” name or a “common” name. I don’t want this, I want the species name. I am double checking all my posts with another world famous mycologist, so I am certain my naming is correct.

What do you suggest I do to keep the Latin binomial listed as I entered it?


Hi @pamkry, and welcome!

There is a way to change this preference in User Settings, to display scientific names first. Do you also use the website, or only one of the apps?

Also, I am going to move your post to General, since this category is meant for iNaturalist Curators to begin discussions on our work on iNat.


To add - your species name doesn’t go anywhere, being it shown after common name doesn’t move it away, taxonomy is still based on Latin.


I took a look at your observations, and I may have found the problem. It seems that in stead of entering an ID, what you wrote became a placeholder. This can happen in several occasions, but most frequently if you enter a name that does not match iNaturalist’s taxonomy – because of a misspelling or any other reason.
iNat does not have a single, consistent source for its Fungi taxonomy, as mentioned here. If you feel a taxon is missing or should be changed, please flag the parent taxon and a Curator will follow up.


If you’re using the iOS app, currently it will always display your observations with the common names prioritized and there isn’t a way to change it. If you’re using the Android app, go to your account settings and select “Show scientific names first”. Same on the website (middle-ish of the page). Bringing the iOS app up to feature parity with Android is on the docket, sorry about the annoyingness with common names in the meantime! Definitely bugs me too. :)

Or check GBIF synonyms list, it usually can be found there.

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To put it another way, the other user is probably actually agreeing with you, and the system just is showing you the common name instead of the binomial name next to their agreeing ID.

Sometimes people will also suggest a higher taxon level than species without it meaning that they disagree with you, because they want to support your ID to at least that level and wait for others with more expertise to confirm the species.


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