Personal Identification Accuracy Stats

I can see how many IDs I’ve made for others. But what is that number relative to all the IDs I’ve suggested?

Is there a way to see how many of my ID suggestions are A) agreed with or improved by others, B) disagreed with/withdrawn, or C) still the only suggested ID?

I’ve realized that sometimes an incorrect family ID in the correct class can get an Unknown observation noticed and correctly IDed by someone else. But if I’m getting it wrong more than, say, 10% of the time, I’d rather ID just suggest the correct class.


This will only partially answer your questions, but to see your maverick IDs (3 or more disagree with your ID):
And to see your percentages of leading, supporting, and improving IDs:


That helps a lot. Thank you.

please don’t knowingly put in an incorrect ID just to get some random person to notice it.

the rest of your answers you’re looking for can probably be found via one of these pages:

UPDATE: i added a bit of functionality to the second item above. so now, if you specify a idextra_user_id parameter, you’ll get a little more information:


To be clear, I have never knowingly put in an incorrect ID.

I’ve inaccurately IDing the genus of an Unknown observation that turned out to be in the same subfamily: I thought it was a lavender, but I was SURE it was a Lamea. If I’d IDed it as a lamea, the subfamily would have been an improvement, not a disagreement.

If I’m making that kind of mistake once or twice in 100 IDs, I’m learning. If I think that’s how often it happens, but I’m really doing it more than 10% of the time, I’m creating problems despite my best intentions.


I’ve never put in an intentionally wrong ID but I have been very willing to put in IDs where I’m not confident at all. Especially, my own observations. Hey, it’s my digital field notes after all. I can get back to it if I feel like it or someone else may chime in. If they do, I can do some work to agree, disagree, or withdraw. I can also withdraw my ID as the lazy no work option. I tend to reserve deleting IDs for clerical type fixes. Like when I clicked the wrong name and didn’t notice until a new ID arrived or when I suspect my ID was blindly agreed and I want another set of eyes on the observation before it goes research grade.

I would like to explore a summary of my ID accuracy beyond just mavericks.


Before it is iNat’s Maverick
it is Pre-Maverick


Thank you, I did not know this existed! I am so going to use this.

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I’m missing something: I can’t seem to find definitions for identifications which are “improving”, “leading”, or “supporting”. I can guess intuitively what those might mean, but I’m expecting iNat has some actual quantitative way of pigeon-holing an ID into one of those categories. I’d like to learn what those are.



Pre-Maverick. Taxon disagrees with the community (forcing identifiers to pile on).
If the pre-Maverick identifier reconsiders, then withdraws or agrees - it would go to Research Grade.
Or remain Proud Maverick, where that fits.

That “maverick” URL helped. I had a bunch of mavericks I never realized existed that I needed to withdraw. Some of them understandable but some of them inexplicable as to why I chose that ID


I find it helpful to look at the active mavericks (current=true) more than all mavericks (current=any) or withdrawn mavericks (current=false):

It tends to contain ones I’ve forgotten about or overlooked somehow. I periodically review and withdraw them as needed.

It usually ends up full of arthropods aren’t insects mavericks from identifying unknowns :grimacing:

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