Is there a feature I can use to find ID's I've made in the past, but that someone has disagreed with since?

I’m positive that occasionally I’ve made an incorrect ID on someone else’s observation. There are also times when I am unable to regularly check iNat to see what notifications I’ve received. If that goes on for a few days, my notifications list can get quite long and there certainly must have been times when it has escaped my attention. This is especially likely if the user who disagrees with my ID doesn’t @-tag me, or if they don’t send a direct message. I’ve already noticed a few of these instances that have escaped my attention.

Is there a feature in iNat that allows me to go through all the past ID’s I’ve made and see if anyone disagrees with them? I’d like to investigate any of those and change my ID’s if appropriate, or offer a strong case for my disagreement. I see that there is a feature to search for my own “maverick” IDs, but those observations already have Research Grade status. What about the others?


you can view all your past identifications by editing urls, i’ve created it for you:

by adding /identify after “observation” in the url you can also view them in identify mode


@pisum has created a way to see the notifications you have received but have never opened, and it’s described in this topic: It starts where the third screenshot in that topic currently is.

You can see the IDs you’ve made that are “mavericks” pretty easily. Just use this URL and replace “cthawley” with your own username:

I wish this existed, too. Unfortunately, none of the solutions proffered so far actually do this.


you can view all your past identifications by editing urls

I’ve got 21k+ identifications, skimming through them all one by one to find the ones in disagreement makes me feel like Arnold checking the code in Jurassic Park.


see the notifications you have received but have never opened

Unfortunately, sometimes I haven’t had time to fix a problem ID after I opened the notification. It’d be nice if there was some way to reset a notification as “unread” like most email systems have.


see the IDs you’ve made that are “mavericks”

There aren’t enough identifiers in my field for a bad ID of mine to usually get enough contrary votes to make it to maverick status. Usually, there’s just one other expert who would even know to disagree.

Anyway, I appreciate everyone trying to offer the partial solutions they have, but none of these are actually delivering what the OP is asking for. iNat has been promising a revamped notifications system for a few years now. They’re up to their necks trying to keep the site running in the face of massive growth, I know. But it reminds me of the 10 year wait when we kept being told Bugguide 2.0 was supposedly right around the corner, which was one reason why I eventually mostly gave up on them.


I think this thread should be merged with this other one, which seems to ask the same question:


the page that @sgene referenced allows you to see also old viewed notifications (up to 3 months) related to comments and identifications. not sure if this fact makes the page more useful for your use case though. (you’ll still have to skim through all those viewed notifications, though they are ordered by descending notification date.)

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this is great @ philodendronjoe thanks!

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If some one can share the url for finding id’s made that are in conflct “disagrees” or have been later disagreed to that would also be great.


to check ids with disagreements it would be enough to change the low rank filter from species to a higher taxonomic level

If you had one particular taxon mind, you could do something like[number]&without_taxon_id=[same number]&ident_user_id=[your name]&reviewed=true which would be, “all observations someone has identified as taxon X, but are not currently displayed as taxon X, and I am one of the identifiers involved.” Lots of problems with this however. 1) this would show both cases were you disagree with someone else, as well as the cases where someone else disagrees with you. 2) it doesn’t pick up mavericks, because by the time someone is so out-voted as to be a maverick, the observation’s displayed ID won’t be effected, and of course 3) you can only search one taxon at a time.

For example, shows for me a whopping 14 pages of observations on which myself and at least one other person disagree whether or not the plant shown is Encelia californica. (If you want to look at the results, change “&reviewed=true” to “&reviewed=any”)

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I’d suggest turning off notifications for users agreeing with IDs first, if you haven’t. Before I’d done that I’d receive too many notifications total, making it more likely I’d miss ID disagreement-ones. Another good thing is even if users disagreed and you didn’t return to an ID, they’ll probably tag you by username eventually, or community ID will eventually become correct, and in some cases your ID could’ve been correct anyway. I’d suggest no one feel obligated or expect others to check all ID-notifications everyday, if they’re busy or not online.

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