Phaio vs Phaeo (Erebidae)


This is my first time using the forum, so I hope I’m posting in the right place, apologies if I’m not.

There is a small genus of moths in the family Erebidae, whose name apparently frequently gets misspelled. And iNat seems to have both spellings existing as seperate genera.
For example, sightings of P. acquiguttata are spread across both.

I believe Phaio is the correct spelling (according to EOL), but even BOLD Systems has entries for both!

Could a curator perhaps rectify this?


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If you’re sure they’re the single taxon - add a flag on the rong one and they will be merged. Most work on taxonomy is done via flags.

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@thibaudaronson Welcome to the forum! Glad you are here! As @melodi_96 pointed out, you can flag it, if you are sure of the correct spelling and that they are not different species. Thank you for posting!

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Thanks for the replies!

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