Make "Flag for curation" more visible on Taxon pages

Many users have trouble figuring out where to report curation requests.* Right now, Flag for Curation is in the Curation drop-down menu on the Taxon page (see screenshot). I think if it were more visible, perhaps up near the top of the screen and not in a drop-down, more people would be able to find it.

* Just a few examples of issues reported in the forum instead of via flags: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Hell yes, please. It would make curating much easier if we weren’t constantly guessing what the problem was when people writing (or not even writing) in all the languages of the world flag observations instead of taxa, or pictures instead of taxa, or comments instead of taxa, or identifications instead of taxa.

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I had no idea this option even existed.

This is something we might do, but the Flag for Curation button is not meant to be prominent, and changing it is not high on the list of to-dos for the Taxon page.