Photo size and quality when re-downloading images

Hello all!

I was interested to know whether photos uploaded to iNat are reduced in size/quality and by how much. I’ve noticed that when you go into an image’s information (by clicking the ‘i’ icon on it), that it gives you are range of sizes:
Sizes * small

as seen here:

However, when I re-download these images, even the original, they are < 2mb in size. The original I uploaded was around 12 mb.

I guess I’m asking in case I ever need to re-download one of my images in decent quality, as many of my images I do not keep. Is there an ‘original original’ stored somewhere, or are they all reduced?


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i wouldn’t rely on iNaturalist to be a repository of high-quality photos.

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The maximum size kept is 2048 in any direction. Therefore keep your images safe!

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Thanks folks! It’s partly iNat’s fault I even give a damn about photo quality! Wasn’t interested in photography at all. Now I have expensive cameras and millions of pics.

Time for a hard drive upgrade ;)


iNatimage instead of ‘original’

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