Pictures no longer available in original size


I have noticed I can’t download my pictures in the original size anymore. This used to work a few weeks ago. Now I still get a file called original.jpeg for example, but the max size is now limited to 2048 and not what I originally uploaded.
Is this a known official change or just a bug? I could not find an announcement about this… sorry if I just missed it…


Larger pictures are downsized on iNaturalist and as far as I know they have always been limited to 2048 pixels on the longest side, at least since I joined.


Pretty sure it has always been that way, with a largest size of around 2,000 pixels. For me, at least for several years, anything larger than that that I’ve added has been automatically downsized upon upload.


Yes, that’s what I also read, but I did a test a couple of months ago and I could get back the original files unchanged, same size as the ones I had uploaded (which I considered to be normal if they are called “original”).
Anyway, that must have been a glitch at that time then, as now the files are indeed limited to 2048 pixels…
Thanks for the response.