"Photos of" page enhancements

Currently the “Photos of” page looks like this example - https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/487100-Jacobaea-vulgaris-dunensis/browse_photos?quality_grade=any
It has numerous shortcomings and the following enhancements should be both simple to implement, unobtrusive to those not needing them, and very useful for regular usage of the page. There are several suggestions here but it seems to me far better to have them in a single block rather than separate requests -

  1. Tab title shouldn’t be “Photos of [taxon]” (eg “Photos of Lamium purpureum”) but should start with the taxon name itself so you can spot it in the browser tab titles if you have several open. Suggested format should be “[taxon] (Photos)” e.g. “Lamium purpureum (Photos)” although if someone is using latin names there may be benefit in abbreviating the genus eg “L. purpureum (Lamium) - Photos” since often one has similar items open differing by the last part of the taxon name. They would both however be better than what is.
  2. Page content title (i.e. H1 element) needs improvements, and a similar thing could occur, with taxon first. At any rate the name is currently visually poorly separated (by italics) from the “Photos of”, the latter “Photos of” would be better in a slightly different colour, e.g. 50-75% grey if the taxon name is black.
  3. Quality Grade choices are currently “Any” & “Research”. This should also have the third one “Needs Id”. There are many instances where this will be useful, such as: (a) You examine research grade ones first, but if there are not so many, then after that you want to look at the remainder non-RG ones, in which case you don’t want to see all the ones you’ve just looked at; (b) You want to help ID, so you want to focus on the ones that need ID not the RG, however with taxa where confirming or rejecting the taxon requires critical details that can only be spotted via a full stream of photos, you want to spot those that have those details using the “Photos of” page rather than an Observations search.
  4. Observation transition markers - The photos seem to go in observation order, so they need some kind of discrete marker for when a photo transitions to a new observation ID from the last. This could be as simple as a tiny black square in the top left corner although I think a small country code would be better still (black rectangle with country code in white font). Purpose: When you spot a photo you are interested in you click to open the whole observation, however you then want to skip the remaining photos and so want to jump (by eye) to the next observation to continue looking at the Photos of. In the current setup this is not possible and if there are two or more interesting photos from the same observation in opening them you end up opening a single observation several times over (needlessly and inconveniently).
  5. Observation direct link - Currently on a photo thumb in the photo stream you can click on the “+” magnifier that appears on hovering and then afterward ctrl-click the “View Observation” to open the observation. This is is frequently needed, so there needs to be an Observation link on the photo thumb itself so you can do it as a direct ctrl-click. It only need be a small symbol or small abbreviation (“Obs”) and could be alongside the “+” magnifier symbol, or discretely in a corner.
    Cheers, David