View Photos directly from Search

When you search for a taxon you get “(Taxon) - View Observations - About”
Most of the time I’m clicking “About” and then clicking “View More” for the photos which is a pain done regularly.
It would be extremely useful to have an additional direct link “Photos” or some discrete small symbol which is the same link as “About” but with “/browse_photos” appended. Thus -
“(Taxon) - View Observations - About - Photos(or symbol)”
Perhaps there’s less room on small screens for the word rather than the symbol but on a PC there is plenty of room for either and this would be greatly used. If considered interesting it would be trivial to implement.


Can’t you select “View observations”? That’s where most photos are from anyway.

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View observations presents them as separate observations you have to click into each separately.
Viewing the photos is different, it presents all of the photos as a single stream.
The one I generally use is the latter as you can spot things very easily, having to click into each observation is greatly cumbersome.


If this were a feature request, I would vote for it.

I second that, annoying if one cares more for photos than for some wikipedia info.
Maybe an account-wide setting ? that would force links to always go directly to
And you could always click up a level in the ‘breadcrumb’ if willing to learn about top observers etc.

I want all 3 choices. Working thru Unknowns I frequently come up against a taxon I don’t know from cheese. I can look up the taxonomy levels to see where it fits in, but I appreciate a broad idea of - what on earth IS that? Before I trawl the leaderboard for a helpful @mention.

I think that this would be appropriate for a feature request (though no idea if it would be accepted or not). If you do make a request, be sure to fill out the full template and give a working version of how you would see this working/what you want in terms of what a link would look like and where it would appear.

I have no idea if this is correct or not, but one reason why the link may go to the about tab is because it seems like it would be the least resource intensive tab to open as the default (mostly text). I think that this is the reason it often takes a click to get to maps for example - they’re more resource intensive so you don’t want to pull them unless the user definitely wants them - might be similar for a page full of photos.


I’ll aim to turn it into a feature request then, once all the thoughts here are complete.
I think an attendant change needs to be in the related Observations box where you type, where the equivalent to “About” is instead called “View” which is confusing, given “View Observations” in the top-left box is quite different. I think they should have a consistent name, e.g. “About” for both.


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