Picture won't magnify again after clicked once

If a picture is magnified and then reduced, sometimes it will not allow magnification a second or more times. Even if moving on to another picture in the same observation and then returning to it, it will not magnify. The observation has to be closed and then re selected to enable magnification once more.


Hi @jwicht, welcome! A few questions that are usually helpful for the developers to troubleshoot these types of issues:

  • It sounds like you’re referring to the website and not one of the mobile apps, right?
  • Are you referring to an individual observation page (i.e. “observation detail page”), or viewing an observation on the Identify page, or something else?
  • What browsers are you using?
  • If/when this happens again, can you open the browser’s console (see instructions) and send a screenshot that includes the console? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices.

This same bug happens to me all the time. It’s in the Identify Modal and I’m using Chrome. I haven’t figured out how to reliably reproduce it though.

Edit: still can’t reproduce, but I got it to happen with the console open and there were no messages.


I encounter this bug very regularly and I can reproduce it 100% of the time on web-based Chrome with the following actions:

  • in the Identify module, choose an observation with 3 (or more?) photos. click the middle photo to magnify, then again to zoom out. Re-clicking the photo to zoom in now does nothing, and selecting a different photo in the series afterwards produces the same results (magnifies once, wont magnify subsequently). I have experienced this bug for at least the past 4 months.

Yes, I can also confirm this behaviour, which has existed for as long as I’ve been using the website. It only seems to affect the image viewer in the Identify dialog. I use Firefox, and there is no console output.

It seems to happen most reliably when there are multiple images. The first image usually seems to zoom in and out as normal via repeated clicking, but after moving to the next image, it zooms in and out once and then stops working. And the same goes for all the other images. However, if I go back to the first image, the zoom in/out usually starts working again - but only once for each image. This behaviour is not entirely constistent, though, so it may be necessary to try several different observations in order to see it. Once the behaviour is seen for a particular observation, though, it always seems to be repeatable for it. So far, I have never seen the behaviour with observations that only have one image (but I haven’t done any exhaustive testing).

My hunch is that there’s some kind of weird caching issue, perhaps linked to the size of the images being loaded.


I experience this with Safari.

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Lol, I had thought this was just my dodgy computer and mouse! Me too…!

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I wonder if this is similar to the issue I had when the zoomed in photos take so long to load. Maybe the site is having lag issues associated with another growth spurt as northern hemisphere winter ends or from the new users in Asia.


Yes - the website.
Viewing an observation on the identify page.

Was able to replicate and get a console shot. Can anyone else add a console shot?


Mine has been working great since the white arrow in a square appeared to the right of the photo.

Did you clear the current console output (dustbin icon, top-left) before trying to replicate the problem? Because your screenshot is just showing a bunch of generic third-party warnings that will be spewed out every time the Identify Dialog is opened. If the console is cleared immediately after the dialog is opened, I think you’ll find there’s no further output (unless you interact with the embedded google maps viewer, or such-like).


That is a very useful new feature, but it hasn’t fixed the problem for me. I’m still seeing the exact same behaviour.

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This has been happening to me for over a year now but only when using Chrome. Glad you brought this up!

I have this same thing happen, practically everytime I go on ID sprees. Am also using chrome

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Just to expand browsers it effects, Edge as well in the Identify Modal.

I don’t think I’ve encountered this issue myself in a long time. Is it still happening for others?

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I just tested it again in Firefox (69.0.3) and the issue is still present (i.e. exactly as described in my previous post).


Yep, still happening for me too.

Happens to me all the time, easily replicable but not especially consistent. It’s fairly annoying.

I hadn’t noticed this but it seems to be true so maybe there’s a more complex pattern I didn’t realize.

I might add that this issue doesn’t happen if you open the image in a new tab.

Not sure what the console does so I don’t know if this is what was desired.

I did this (I think) and nothing changed when replicating the issue so I closed and reopened the console and the DevTools message showed up. Nothing appeared after replicating the issue.

Edit: Using Chrome on a Mac