Observation's pictures won't show in Identify

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See this observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/7456542 . Pictures look fine here, but in Identify, they look like this:

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i see no problems. maybe try clearing your browser cache and try again?

if you really want someone else to dig deeper into this, you’ll probably have to open up your browser’s developer tools and take a snapshot of the console screen at the very least to see if any errors are being logged.


I went to identify again and filtered on the date of this observation so I could easily find it. There were only three observations of this species on that date. This time it worked fine. I do think something funny is going on though. I’ve looked at jillions of photos in the last month and don’t recall any other observations where this happened. And this photo is not typical. If I recall, I merged two photos in photoshop and then outputted in some format, possibly TIFF. Anyway, perhaps it’s no big deal.