Picture won't magnify again after clicked once

I don’t know which exactly movements trigger it, but it happens all the time that after some clicks on a specific observation (like typing in id and even after you zoom in/out one photo) photos stop responding on clicks and can’t be zoomed, it stops if you change the observation or move back to the “list” of them. Hard to illustrate as cursor is not shown on screens.
It is in Google Chrome browser, Windows 10.

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Yes this has been happening to me for a long time now and is especially annoying when I am IDing large numbers of sightings at once. I just assumed it was my dodgy computer! (I’m using Chrome)

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This has been happening to me for a while (probably over a year) and I ended up just deciding to live with it lol. Would love a solution, though!

Still happening frequently for me. The first line on my console might be a clue.

I clicked on the first photo to zoom, then clicked on each thumbnail in turn, clicking to zoom in on each photo. When I finished looking at the last photo, I returned to an earlier thumbnail, and from then on clicking on the large image to zoom always failed no matter which image I looked at. The cursor still showed as a magnifying-glass with a plus sign when hovering over the large image, even though clicking did nothing. No new console error messages were generated when the clicks failed. Going to the next observation and then returning reset things so that zooming in worked again.

Doesn’t always occur, and I’m not sure why. Maybe only happens on observations with high-resolution photos?

I think the original report was only a few days after this first started occurring.


I * briefly* made this happen (using Firefox) after clicking on an zooming in on all the photos of an observation, then adding a comment, then trying to zoom in the photos again. But after a second I could zoom in on all of them again. I never come across this in my day to day identifying, but I don’t zoom in on photos too often. Tough to investigate without consistent reproduction steps, unfortunately.

i remember looking at this back in the day, and it was fairly consistent if you do what psyllidhipster says:

i remember being able to see what was happening, but i couldn’t figure out exactly what part of the code was broken because i didn’t have a proper development environment to debug on. i still don’t have a machine that i can set up a development environment on (long story), but i would think that someone who does have such a setup could figure out where the problem is originating relatively easily.

if i remember correctly, the issue is that the screen dynamically positions previous / successive images to the left and right of the center image (out of the view), and then it changes the class on the images to get them to slide one way or the other. but it also needs to apply a second class to allow the image to trigger the display of a larger version of the image when you click on it, and it’s not applying that second class correctly for whatever reason… or something like that


It is still happening for me, no change in the frequency or general situations in which it happens

[edit] A work-around, I just arrow to the next obs and then back again, and the zoom ability returns (if but briefly!)


Thanks made a bug report: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2944


looks like this has been fixed: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/commit/dcc19b8dcdf0080ad6abcf17ba615808efe3cae1.

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yep, seems to work all the time now.