Pin journal posts to top

Can we please have a way of pinning certain journal posts on the top of the list for a project?

Often it is necessary to add new journal postings to projects, but this is not the posting we want visitors to see first, or the most relevant posting, or one that needs most urgent attention.
As a consequence one is reluctant to add additional material to projects that hides important postings.

Generally I think this is a good idea, but I’m curious what the main benefits you perceive are vs. having the “pinned information” displayed on the “About” section vs. a potential “pinned journal post”?

The “About” section needs to be pithy, to the point and a succinct summary of the project.

Full instructions, and history and detailed objectives, and questions and replies, dont belong in the About section, esp. if the About section is going to feature on cell phones and apps.

or to rephrase: the About section is about selling the project, but a far more detailed “how to do” the project is the most important journal posting for the project. Where projects are simple the About section will usually suffice, but more complex projects (the very ones that usually have many journal posts) usually require additional instructions that would make the About section unwieldy.