Pine Siskin salmonella outbreak

I’m not a birder and have not seen any topics here on this beyond the irruption.
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Yes, we have 2 pandemics/epidemics in one year. It is not only pine siskin, also house finches and goldfinches.


Thank you for the alert. What sad news.

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Recommendations from our Audubon Society and Fish & Wildlife departments:

Birds are spreading this through saliva and feces, mostly when they’re close together. So, take down bird feeders, or if you leave them up, clean every couple days. Don’t use platform feeders, which allow easy contact with feces. Realize that Salmonella is potentially contagious to pets and even people, so keep pets away from sick or dead birds. Wildlife rescue groups are having virtually no success with sick siskins, so probably best not to bring them in. After cleaning away sick or dead birds, wash hands. Preferably, use gloves or a plastic bag for picking them up.


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