Pink alphabetic tag on observations

Some of my observations have larger pink alphabet tags/GPS markers instead of plain red, can someone tell me why. I have searched for an answer but Im obviously not asking the right question. I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with uploading from a my desktop instead of a iPhone? appreciate any feedback on this

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can you provide a screenshot

If you are talking about what you see in the “Edit Observations” screen, the most recent observations have larger pink markers with letter labels on the map, the older observations have smaller red markers. Here’s a snip of mine:
Is that what you are seeing?


I believe those are your most recent observations, so that you can match the observation id to the map.


yes that’s what I am seeing thank you for that,I really thought I had stuffed up again, is there a blow by blow explanation of EVERYTHING iNaturalist somewhere or is it knowledge of how things work on the site via observation/osmosis :slightly_smiling_face: cheers

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its been answered fr me cheers

I don’t know! I learnt the basics by having someone show me. Since then I have learned some more from reading the help files and a lot from the forum. But there is still new stuff to discover all the time it seems.

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