Place - Longitude must be greater than or equal to -180

Hi Team,

I have created a place but I am being prevented from saving the place due to the following error:

Longitude must be greater than or equal to -180

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Greg

I don’t know, but you can try emailing .
Note that it’s a holiday weekend so it may take longer than usual to get a reply.

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Maybe add a screendump of the location?

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Thanks jd. I see that Google Earth Pro costs $399 per annum. Not a cost I want to incur for something I am doing volunatirly. I think I will report if as a bug report I assume that is done within iNat?

You must have found one of their outdated pages. Google Earth Pro has been a free download since 2015. Try starting at and pick Download Earth Pro on Desktop.

If you decide to report a bug, it is done here on the Forum using the Bug Reports category. Be ready to supply details about the place you are trying to create, otherwise it will be difficult to diagnose the bug.

Since there are two duplicate topics here, I moved some of the posts over to the bug report and will close this one.

In the future, feel free to do something like edit your original topic and just change the category from #general to #bug-reports. The topic creator, anyone at user trust level “Regular”, moderators, and staff can adjust categories. Thanks!