Problem with uploading places on Inaturalist

So, when I uploaded a place onto Inaturalist I waited a couple of minutes for all the observations to load in and when I went to view the place it said 0 observations. I waited a couple of hours and came back this time it said 55 observations but when closed the place and viewed from the map it was clear that there are a lot more observations in the area than it tells me. How long do I have to wait to see all of the observations after I upload a place?

Btw its been a week and it says 157 observations but thats still significantly less than I would expect it to be.

Are you sure all those observations have small enough radius of accuracy to be included in that place?
It’s normal to take around a day to show all observations, but if you expect more, it’s more likely problem is with them.

if you’re going to ask for help from folks in this forum, it really would help to provide screenshots or links or some other way of showing the specific problem so that folks don’t have to try to read your mind.

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I have found the radius thing to be the mosy frustrating part of the places mechanic. If someone on their phone uploads an obervation near the edge of your place, it will often be excluded because their uncertainty radius is too big. Apart from asking people to manually change their observation to a point location, I don’t know of a solution except to make your place bigger than the place actually is to try and grab the ones with big radii.

I understand the problem is probably the radius of the observations. Thank you for all the replies.