Cannot add a new place

I am trying to add my place of work as a place so we can log the species we see on site. I have added 68 observations to my account but I cannot find a the button to add place under the world map section. Could anyone advise why the button might not be visible there?
Many thanks,
Lhc23 :)

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Welcome to the forum! I took a quick look at your iNaturalist account (assuming it is lhc23 there) and didn’t see any observations. Have you posted them or maybe they are in the app awaiting upload?
Can you give info on what method you are using to upload (web, app (which one)) and potentially include screenshots?


Hi, thanks for getting back to me!
Yes I have lhc23 there too - I am using the web and that is strange you can’t see any. Other users have been adding identifications etc to my observations. I have added a screenshot of my total observations and also an example of some I uploaded a few days ago. I finished uploading them yesterday so thought it might take a day or so to show me the places button but still no luck today?

You have 68 total observations, but only 46 verifiable observations. The requirement is for 50 verifiable observations, so you need 4 more.

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Ah, looks like I had a location filter on and didn’t notice!

Yes, you need 50 verifiable observations as @jwidness noted.

If you edit some of your existing observations so that they become verifiable (by adding date observed for instance), you could reach the threshold.

This is the guide for creating places:

Ah I did not realise they were not all verified - I will edit the locations now and hopefully it will then show. Many thanks!