Place name not matching place marker

Hi @jhbratton, as was mentioned in earlier responses, the “where were you” / “locality notes” box is editable text, gets populated both automatically and/or manually over the life of an observation record, and can become mismatched with the map location for various reasons. For example, after initial auto-population of the place description based on uploaded coordinates, if the observer later corrects their map coordinates, the system does not automatically re-populate the description, and the observer may forget to edit it manually.

The “Location is Accurate” assessment is meant to refer to the actual mapped coordinates (and any associated “accuracy” circle around those coordinates), not to the narrative place description.

If there is a discrepancy between the map and the narrative place description, and the mapped coordinates seem suspect but the narrative place seems right, then it is worth commenting or messaging the observer to verify the location accuracy. Just ticking no for “Location is Accurate” based on a mismatch, without inquiring first, (1) may not be true, (2) does not notify the observer of the issue, and (3) will not notify you if/when the location gets revised.