Incorrect Location

How do I change the name of a location? When I upload an observation, the location name assigned is incorrect. Thank you.

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Hi John, welcome to the iNat Forum! Can you provide an example observation and what device you are using (website, Android, iOS)?

iNaturalist will automatically generate a location name depending on the device / method you used to upload the observation. You can always override the name listed by typing in the locality notes section. In this example, I changed it to “Dan Ryan Woods”: image


In the larger scheme, if it’s an error coming through when making observations on the phone, you can also get incorrect location names corrected through Google and Apple maps, I had to do that for the name of a local park recently.


Thank you!

I’m using an iPhone.

I get the name of a private community that is quite a bit away from where I made the observation. It’s very strange.

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The Isla Dorada is not near where I made the observation.

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I always zoom in on the map in the observation after it’s uploaded to make sure that the bullseye is recorded in the correct place. I am often in a very rural area and observations will list one town whenever I upload something from the phone. Generally it uses the official address (which is really the post office that serves the community) I manually change the name to reflect the actual area the picture was taken in the “Where were you?” box. This doesn’t change the location of the bullseye on the map.

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