Add ability to change the locality name in iOS app

in southern Africa the googlemaps names are so useless as to be meaningless. Yet these are provided as the locality names for the observations using the apps.
users have no ways of changing these when posting the observations.

Can this option please be added: to edit the googlemap names to provide a meaningful locality for the observation.

This is already possible in the Android app, so I changed the title of this feature request.


Nice to know it is possible on the Android: most of our local users use the Androids …

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Strongly agree, this is a glaring problem. We get some odd responses in Canada, both in rural areas and even within Toronto, i.e. a couple of strange historic names in the city that I had to look up, and I’m a Toronto native.

We’re exploring returning only town-level places for for iOS place guesses, rather than street-level ones, since the street-level ones are often inaccurate.

The place guess in the apps comes from either Google Maps or Apple Maps (depending on the OS) and is not related to any iNat places, so I’m personally not in favor of spending time making them editable since they’re pretty meaningless. But it would be good to make them less confusing and inaccurate.


The problem with place guesses being “meaningless” is that they are also useless. Making them vague is not really much help. Can we not simply please have the option of making them useful, more accurate and less confusing, without having to wait until we get onto the web version of iNat, by simply being able to type a location name in ourselves on the app when the place guess is not what we want to have displayed?

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what do you end up using them for? I am curious because i literally never use them, i prefer just using the mapped lat longs. It sounds like some people really do use them, but they must use iNat really differently than i do

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I use them for locality validation. to check that the coordinates match the place they are supposed to be at and not in the users home, or holiday house instead of in the field.
I also use them to go back to the locality: an independent verification: like 23 km on the N7 north or x interchange by the white gate


Added this github issue: